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Focus Keep Free : Work & Study Timer app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 1344 ratings )
Productivity Lifestyle
Developer: Limepresso
Current version: 1.8.4, last update: 2 months ago
First release : 03 May 2014
App size: 30.33 Mb

Focus Keeper helps you keep your productivity high avoiding burnout using the timer. Work with time. Not against it!

* Check out the review article by Brighthand for more detail:

Here is what this app offers:
• Simple, beautiful and intuitive interface.
• Customize focus sessions, goals, colors and sounds.
• Track your productivity with insightful charts.
• Universal(iPhone/iPad) app with iCloud support.

Basic Focus Steps - It’s all about focusing your work efforts in timed 25-minute chunks, with a 5-minute break in between each burst of activity.
1) Choose a task to be done.
2) Set the timer for 25 minutes.
3) Focus on the task until the timer rings
4) Take a short break (just do something relaxing for 5 minutes)
5) Once you’ve completed 4 focus sessions, take a longer break. (20~30 minutes)

• Adjust the timer with your fingers just like you do with real egg-timer.
• Next session starts automatically when the current session ends.
• Track your progress with two different charts (14 days and 30 days)
• Set your daily goal (number of Focus Sessions per day)
• Set how many Focus Sessions you want to finish before taking a long break(number of Focus per round)
• Customize the length of Focus Session, short break, and long break.
• Choose your ticking from 10 different ticking sounds and your own music library.
• Choose your alarm from 14 different ring sounds.
• Set any sounds separately for the short break, long break, and Focus session.
• Set any colors separately for the​ short break, long break, and Focus session.
• Receive alarm notifications even when the app is running in the background.
• Today Widget for Focus Sessions
• Icon Badge shows how much time you left to finish the current session in the home screen Focus Keeper icon when the timer is ticking.
• Focus Reminder: If youre struggling to make a habit of using Focus Keeper, this could come in hand. You can set when you want to be notified to use Focus Keeper through weekdays and weekends.
• Option for resetting the Focus Count at midnight automatically. Now you can set your own reset time.
• Set different volume sounds for each ticking and alarm sound.

Pros and cons of Focus Keep Free : Work & Study Timer app for iPhone and iPad

Focus Keep Free : Work & Study Timer app good for

I found the Pomodoro method to really boost my energy. Its a great tool for learning about yourself. I found if I meditate for 5 minutes I am fresh and ready to dive into the next task. The app is simple and easy to use and adjust. Great app.
This is a clean looking and simple productivity timer that does just what you want it to do and nothing else.
This app is awesome! When you learn to practice what is asked, so you realize how is fantastic and very important for your work or every task!
Perfect for getting in the zone. For me it makes long study hours doable, even easy, more enjoyable, and significantly more productive. 10/10 would recommend. The most streamlined, effective pomodoro app Ive found.
Within 5 seconds I thought I would hate this app. Hearing that loud ticking noise was more then I could bear. But seeing the overwhelming reviews I decided to try it again and as long as you focus on the task at hand the ticking sound seems to fade away into the distance and actually does an amazing job to guide you to keep your focus. In short make sure you try it for at least an hour to see the effects
Very intuitive, no over complications. The 5th star will come ater they do a "complication" for the Apple Watch :)

Some bad moments

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