Focus Keeper Free : Work & Study Timer Отзывы пользователей


Блестящее приложение, очень помогает сосредоточиться.


Все хорошо

Приложение супер

Принцип помадора работает?

Помогает концентрироваться на задачах

Мне нравится это приложение. Стал более дисциплинированным в задачах.

Отличное приложение!

Отличное приложение!

Прекрасное приложение

что тут ещё сказать)


Отличное приложение, реально помогает сфокусироваться на работе

Отличная программа для концентрации внимания

Отличная программа для концентрации внимания на задачах!


Помогает сконцентрироваться на работе и не забывать по отдых!

Баланс во всем

Приложение помогает правильно расставить приоритеты по времени для работы и отдыха. И не переутомляешься, и не придаешься прокрастинации. На мой взгляд, это самый удобный pomodoro-таймер. P.S. Отдельное спасибо разработчикам за звук прибоя во время большого перерыва ?


За полтора часа сделал столько, сколько обычно за день делаю!

Отличное приложение

Красиво, бесплатно, без назойливой рекламы. Единственный минус – батарейку жрет за троих, процентов десять за час работы в фоне.

То, что нужно

Ничего лишнего, помогает втянуться в работу.

Отличное приложение

Отличное и бесплатное приложение. Настройки и интерфейс простой и понятный, очень удобно пользоваться.


Минимально отвлекающий функционал, очень удобно. Хочется чтобы в начале каждого помидора был сделан "завод" таймера, а не автоматическое его переключение.

Отличное приложение

Пару кругов с первого момента работы и весь день как по маслу!


Удобный дизайн. Мне нравится

Жрет батарею.

Работает, но сильно жрет батарею.


Помогает сконцентрироваться на работе и не забывать по отдых!


Отличное приложение! Уровень моей продуктивности вырос в разы!

Straight A college student approved

The secret to doing well on exam is this app, repetition, and planning. I make myself a study schedule which if I’m taking a lot of classes can easily take 5 hours or so. This app allows for me to set 30-40 minute timers and take 5 minute breaks in between. If I successfully complete 4 cycles, I give myself a long break. This allows for me to not feel stressed because I know I will be getting a breaks and even a long break to look forward to. It is a well designed app, very basic, but I prefer over iPhone timer.

Great App - Fulfills Its Purpose Well

Doing what it sets out to do, there’s not much more you could ask out of this app. It has a respectable amount of features for free, and the extra content I’d say is worth the low asking price of $2. With a clean interface and an ad-free experience this app is definitely worth picking up, and has definitely increased my own productivity.

Possibly the best pomodoro app

Simple & easy providing you with all the data and control options you need. I hope this app is supported forever

Amazing app! Love the pro version

Bought this for medic school and it’s keeping me on track perfectly while studying!

Amazing Study Tool!

I have a hard time focusing on school work and/or studying due to all the distractions in my home. This app helps motivate me to finish a focused study session because I know that a small break is coming up. Good time management app which has greatly improved my productivity and efficiency in studying. I also have a better idea of how long it takes me to read certain things as I am not wasting my time doing other things. Great idea!


Love it has helped me so much when studying. It is a great and effective way to study

Helps keep me focused

This app is a great way to stay focused each day and also avoid burnout. Highly recommend.

Nice app

It covers all the required bases in the free version with some extra flair in the pro version

Easy to use, helpful app

I really enjoy the Pomodoro Technique and this app is great at helping me do that. The sound notifications and banners are especially nice and not over board, and the interface is easy to use and organized.

Good start but it could use more.

This app is great for obtaining some serious focus. In my opinion it could use a few features. For instance, I don't like how the timer for a break starts up immediately after the bell for a focus session. When writing I need a second to rap up my thought and grab something fun before I can start a break. By the time I get to relax I'm 30 seconds to a minute into my break. I would prefer if they had an option to put a short countdown between sessions or have me I start the timer when I'm ready. Also I think it would be helpful if they asked you to record your productivity level per session so you can see trends in what works and what doesn't.

A Later Update Breaks My Workflow

I’m not sure exactly when this changed, but the long break duration recently changed from 15 minutes to 25 minutes, and it’s become a breaking point for me in terms of staying with this app. The departure from the “standard” long break length has caused loss of time I didn’t want to lose, and I don’t see why this change was necessary. Unfortunately, this decision has me seeking a new Pomodoro timer.

Amazing app

Free version works like a charm. Best pomodoro timer.

Simple and effective!

No ads, easy to use. Took a bit of work to turn off the sound.

Solid but not perfect

There's some wonkiness with the round numbering, but it's otherwise a solid pomodoro timer that's customizable while still being pretty minimalist/uncluttered.

This app should be prescribed to children

Focus Keeper helps you dive deeply into focus for a predetermined amount of time. By knowing that you have a short break as a reward, your mind eases its thoughts and your body relaxes its muscles and allows you to slowly sink into a form of Deep Work. Beautiful app. Thank you.

User Freindly and Elegant

I've tried about 10 different Pomodoro apps and this is the one I come back to over and over. Simple, clean, elegant design helps me get right to work without any confusion. I love the fact that you can easily adjust the time on the fly and pause when you need to. The simple act of being able to adjust the time easily is a feature you find missing in many of the other Pomodoro apps.

Need iwatch app.

The app functions well.


This app does exactly what it should do and it does it well. The only feedback I have is I wish that it had a lock screen component that showed the timer, but it’s not a deal breaker. The benefit for me would be that the timer creates urgency for what I’m working on and so seeing timer keeps that urgency. I do realize I could just keep the app open because it prevents lock, but I’d like to be able to have my phone off charge and still get the benefits of the timer. Thanks guys for a great app!

Can’t change much

The settings will all stay the same unless you buy the pro version.

Simple and Effective

Ever since I started using this app I have seen an increase in productivity, even while taking breaks. I don't feel the usual 1pm burnout. I also like how there are no adds or pop ups on the free version.

Simply works

I'm a PhD student. This app has increased my productivity, focus, and work output. It's simple, stable, and functional.

Great App - significant productivity increase

I love how simple this app is! It has done wonders for my productivity. Only thing is it kills my battery. It would be great if they had an accompanying Apple Watch app too.

Good So Far

I just used this app for the first time. It was rewarding to have a break after 25 minutes of focusing on work. It helped me to get back to work with enthusiasm. I think I'll keep using this one...

Straightforward and Functional

This app works and looks great. So easy to use, no muss no fuss. Just a great pomodoro timer!

Frequent breaks clears the mind

When I’m coding for hours on end, I’ve noticed that I occasionally go down rabbit holes dealing with bugs/issues. Since using this app, the short breaks every 25 min allows me to step back, clear my mind, and look at what I was doing with fresh eyes, and this has improved my productivity, counterintuitive as that may be. If I’m really in the flow though, I will skip a break so I don’t disrupt myself out of “the zone”.

Great tool

I use this several times a week. I appreciate not having to stop and start manually or track the breaks. Nice simple graphics too.

Simple and effective

If you at all suffer from distractions or procrastination, this free app will pay you in times savings in the thousands, honestly.


Works as advertised!


It works because it keeps out on a routine without burning you out


good app. very simplistic and effacious.

Very easy to use & reliable

I appreciate this app because it delivers and doesn't over complicate things like other Pomodoro apps tend to. Definitely a keeper!!!

Love it!

Absolutely love this app! It's simple to use, but it gets the job done! It really helps me to focus when it's time to work, but to also enjoy my breaks when I have them. 👍🏻

Productivity must-have

So much better than setting an alarm on my phone. This keeps track and keeps my on track.


just what i was looking for

I've worked for 12 hours straight and didn't even notice

Yeah. Very effective.

This is the best!

This app helps me get through my study. I'm focused and concentrated when I use this app. Thanks to the people whoever made this app. If you get distracted or get bored while you're studying like me, you should download and use this app.

Simple and convenient!

Had my doubts before purchasing the app. But it is an excellent easy way to help with my attention and discipline. It keeps me grounded and it encourages me after I check the graphs. It did help me build my stamina to get the work done and FOCUS. Even when I tried to use a timer, it didn’t help much, but this app u can pause and get things done and get back to work and it gives u the time u spent and the time remaining to finish your work.

So far so good...

First time I've used the app. Gave 4 stars because it has been really good but I don't think I've had full opportunity to run across glitches, if any, within the app. Think I'll continue to use for a while.


This app is helping me to stay with my goal- just when I start to feel overwhelmed- it's breaktine.

Simple system

Does what I need it to do for a Pomodoro cycle. Would be improved if I could change and customise the sounds.

I love it

It helps me keep track of the time I spend and rewards me instead of simple straight studying.

Great App

It is wonderful tool that helps you with time management and staying focused on tasks !


Simple to use, great timer. Helps to see my goals and progress!!

Very helpful

Very helpful anti procrastination tool

Simple and effective

This is a great app for students and professionals who make their own hours but may have trouble staying on task. Focus Keeper has been a key instrument in boosting my productivity.

Because sitting is the new smoking...

This app is simple to use and great for healthy movement. I sit/stand for work and this app helps me balance periods of stillness and movement. At each break, I get up to do another task, perform an exercise or just stretch, then return to focus.

Great App I wrote off as a novelty far too quickly

Got this app, thought it would be useless, tried it once or twice without taking it seriously. Recently have used it to study for midterms and dear god is it effective. Works incredibly well for me, gives breaks that are just long enough to refresh, and periods of work that you feel you can fill without being entirely overwhelmed by the amount of time that's left to go. 6/5 if I could

Great app for focus

A great way to prevent over working and burnout while studying or doing homework. Would definitely recommend

If you have ADHD, get this

This app is an essential tool for those with ADHD or with any kind of trouble focusing. You turn on the timer, turn off your screen, and then just work until you hear the ding. Then you can rest easy knowing you have a pre-timed break. When you hear another ding, you get back to work. Repeat a few times and you get a longer break. The app does all the timing for you. No need to set ten thousand reminders, you automatically get notified when work time and break time are over. Also, if the default settings for the app (25 min of work, 5 min break) aren't effective for you, you can easily set the times to be different. Maybe you do better with 30 min of work and five minute breaks. An hour of work and 10 minute breaks? You can play around until it fits you. You can also turn off the ticking if it distracts you. This app will not solve everything. You still have to have the willpower to commit to your work. You still have to summon up the strength to start. It won't give you magic concentration powers. It will give you a nice structure with which it is much easier to do your work. Seriously, make use of this great tool.

Only works if app stays open in foreground

I was hoping to use this while studying for exams, but the timer stops whenever I leave the app (I'm not closing it, just opening another app). I use a notes app on my iPad and I can't open the notes app and have the timer on this app running in the background. Seem like a poorly thought-out user experience in my opinion.

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