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Focus Keeper Free : Work & Study Timer

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Desarrollador Limepresso

Pomodoro Keeper helps you keep your productivity high avoiding burnout with Pomodoro Technique™. Work with time. Not against it!

Here is what this app offers:
• Simple, beautiful and intuitive interface.
• Clear view of your current Pomodoro sessions.
• Track your productivity with insightful charts.
• Universal(iPhone/iPad) app with iCloud support.

- Check out the review article by Brighthand for more detail:

About basic Pomodoro steps - It’s all about focusing your work efforts in timed 25 minute chunks, with a 5 minute break in between each burst of activity.
1) Choose a task to be done.
2) Set the timer for 25 minutes.
3) Focus on the task until the timer rings
4) Take a short break (just do something relaxing for 5 minutes)
5) Once you’ve completed 4 Pomodoros, take a longer break. (20~30 minutes)

• Adjust the timer with your fingers just like you do with real egg-timer.
• Next session starts automatically when the current session ends.
• Track your progress with two different charts (7 days and 30 days)
• See your daily goal (number of Pomodoros per day)
• Different sounds for short break, long break and Pomodoro session.
• Different colors for short break, long break and Pomodoro session.
• Receive alarm notifications even when the app is running in the background.
• Today Widget for Pomodoro sessions

Pomodoro™ and The Pomodoro Technique™ are trademarks of Francesco Cirillo. This application is not affiliated or associated with or endorsed by Pomodoro™, The Pomodoro Technique™ or Francesco Cirillo.