Focus Keep Free : Work & Study Timer App Reviews

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Simple and clean

I like it a lot. Its simple, easy to navigate, and allows some customizations - exactly what I need from a Pomodoro app!

Simple, effective

The free version of this app is easy to operate and an effective tool to keep me focused. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to hunker down and get stuff done.

You will never regret it

This has a lot me a lot especially during my study time when I really struggle to focus. As well as you can adjust the timer to your liking which is great and flexible

Genius in its Simplicity

Trivially easy to use, uncluttered by feature bloat.

Works great

Simple and easy to ysw


Just a great thing. I am very productive whenever I use it. Very easy use, too

Very useful :)))

Amazing app. Helps me a lot timing my studies ?

Great App

Easy to use. Very helpful.

Simple. Effective.

Any improvements Id ask for are limited by Apple itself (timer on the lock screen, for instance).


Perfect for studying!

Works best for me!

After trying out many Pomodoro Apps (and even paying for them), this is the one I decided to work with. (Note: My Apple Watch is being repaired, so I couldnt test that part for now).

Ottima per concentrarsi

No scuse???

Excellent productivity tool

Prevents burnout and wandering minds (as well as opening the dreaded Facebook).

Good app!

It seems to keep to the Pomodoro Method pretty well. My only complaint is that the bell is a little too low in volume.

Very helpful

Keeps me on track. Just have to be motivated enough to and use the app, and everything with fall into play.

Simple and efficient

Couldnt ask for more

Good app. Easy to use

Good app. Easy to use Enough features to start with I recommend it


Ben fatta, bella grafica, consigliata!


Thank you for creating this app. Enables me to accomplish more on a daily and hourly basis.

Dont think. Just get it.

Best productivity timer out there period. Simple, effortless, clean interface. No bloat.

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