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This app rules! Keeps me motivated and productive

Boosted My Energy

I found the Pomodoro method to really boost my energy. Its a great tool for learning about yourself. I found if I meditate for 5 minutes I am fresh and ready to dive into the next task. The app is simple and easy to use and adjust. Great app.

Good Basic Pomodoro Timer

This is a clean looking and simple productivity timer that does just what you want it to do and nothing else.


This app is awesome! When you learn to practice what is asked, so you realize how is fantastic and very important for your work or every task!

Excellent app

Perfect for getting in the zone. For me it makes long study hours doable, even easy, more enjoyable, and significantly more productive. 10/10 would recommend. The most streamlined, effective pomodoro app Ive found.

Give it a few tries before you judge

Within 5 seconds I thought I would hate this app. Hearing that loud ticking noise was more then I could bear. But seeing the overwhelming reviews I decided to try it again and as long as you focus on the task at hand the ticking sound seems to fade away into the distance and actually does an amazing job to guide you to keep your focus. In short make sure you try it for at least an hour to see the effects

Simple and easy

Very intuitive, no over complications. The 5th star will come ater they do a "complication" for the Apple Watch :)


Not one of those annoying bloatware apps, effective!

Nicely Done

It is working for me...

Helps with ADD Procrastination Issues

It is really helping me to complete long, complex tasks. Usually I find myself working on everything else. It is really helping to stick with the important and more difficult projects for improving my life.

Great Fit

It reminds me to use it and helps me gain a productive frame of mind. Excellent product, simple and effective!

Really Amazing

I have to say, this is an excellent app. It would be great to be able to do it with other people, so I wish they had that ability. But, as far as consistency goes and motivation, there is nothing that equals this app for Pomodoros. Amazing.

Satisfies My Expectations

The Pomodoro method was new to me until recently. But I had been aware of HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training as a method of physical conditioning, and I recognized some parallels. This app satisfies my expectations and I couldnt ask for anything better. Im using it for timed intervals of speed reading mostly classical literature, and for this it works very well.

Great App

It really works. Keeps me awake and sharp.


I use the computer one, but it is great to have one on my phone!

Please enhance data features

I would like the ability to review all recorded data (not just from 1 month to present) and the ability to edit data entries manually if a mistake in timing focus sessions is made.

Better than all other pomodoro apps I’ve tried

I’ve used a countless number of other apps that try to replicate the pomodoro functionality. This app is by far the best in my experience.

Simple & Useful

it offers everything you need with a simple and clean interface.

Best pomodore so far


Great companion for "learning how to learn"

Im a student and I work full time. I use this app at home and at work! Its great because the chunks of time feel so much more manageable and I feel productive rather than backlogged and overwhelmed. I upgraded to the pro and I dont regret it.

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